Wicihitowin is a Cree word that means helping each other. Wicihitowin is about building a community that is inclusive and works together to improve the lives of Indigenous people in the greater Edmonton area.

To make the best use of resources, information and commitments to find solutions to our challenges and to create opportunities through a circle of shared responsibility. 
Aboriginal communities and partners working together to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal peoples in the City of Edmonton. 
Value Statement
Wicihitowin was established by the Edmonton Aboriginal community, to serve as a gateway between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples. Wicihitowin is open to input and participation from industry, government, institutions, and citizens. Wicihitowin Circle provides a place where community members, government, institutions, and business can have their voices heard on issues pertaining to the organization and activity of Edmonton's Aboriginal community. 
Along with this name, vision and mission we commit to working together for the greater good of the community. All our relations must be shaped and built upon the foundation of these values:
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Wisdom
  • Love
  • Sharing
  • Honor
  • Humility