Anthony Johnson

Winner of The Amazing Race Canada (Season 7); and Team Lead, Teysha

Anthony Johnson has recently dedicated his time to reconnect with his Navajo heritage. With a B.A. in Economics and Social Anthropology from Harvard University, Anthony spent a semester abroad in Shanghai at the East China Normal University, where he enrolled in a business language cultural program. When not winning The Amazing Race Canada, Anthony works with Teysha, a social impact organization that blends heritage with innovation by employing over twenty traditional shoemakers. Beyond its workshop in Antigua, Guatemala is a grassroots network of women-run cooperatives, small businesses, and artisan groups creating woven textiles by hand. Teysha also works with amazing artisan groups in Panama, Mexico, with more communities to come. Each product encompasses an entire supply chain made up of people, families, and small businesses. As a team leader, Anthony is a firm believer in creating opportunities for communities to use their talents and drive to better their own lives. Anthony’s story is one of hope, overcoming adversity, dealing with racism, activism, community engagement and success.