Evelyn Linklater

Residential School Survivor and Elder, Saskatoon Survivors' Circle

Evelyn Linklater spent her formative years in Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan, but at the age of eight was taken away by plane to Sturgeon Landing Residential School and The Pas Indian Residential School where she spent the next six years. She credits her grandmother for guiding her and teaching her how to live off the land—something that she says saved her during her teen years. After taking a nurse’s aide course, she worked in La Pas before later moving to Saskatoon.

Elder Linklater lost her mother, sister and brother to diabetes complications, and since her own diagnosis, has been on a mission to raise awareness about the disease and to educate young people on healthy eating and lifestyle choices. To honour her lost family, Elder Linklater has volunteered with Diabetes Canada’s Travelling Diabetes Resource Program, which brings education to the province’s remote communities in English and Cree. She is also a peer leader with the Live Well with Chronic Conditions Program, a volunteer with SWITCH and a participant in the Clinic’s Kohkums group which is dear to her heart as it means “everybody’s grandmother”.