Gilles Dorval

former Director, Indigenous Initiatives, City of Saskatoon

Prior to his retirement in 2020, Gilles Dorval spent thirty years at the City of Saskatoon advocating for a greater quality of life for residents of Saskatoon and surrounding communities. Living the spirit and intent of Wicihitowin, Gilles spent much of his time forging relationships and bringing together community partners for joint efforts toward reconciliation. Through these efforts, Saskatoon and surrounding communities have experienced a greater sense of unity due to established partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations and enhanced employment and economic opportunities for Indigenous peoples. Some of the highlights from Gilles’ work include hosting the National TRC Gathering in 2012 which led to the development of Reconciliation Saskatoon and the Saskatoon Survivors Circle, raising the Reconciliation Saskatoon Flag at City Hall, organizing the first Rock Your Roots Walk for Reconciliation, updating the City of Saskatoon’s naming policy which led to the designation of Chief Mistawasis Bridge, and Co-Founding the Wicihitowin Indigenous Engagement Conference.