Jewel Charles

Youth Artist and Author,

Jewel Charles is a Woodland Cree artist and author from La Ronge, Saskatchewan. She is currently in her third year in the ITEP program at the University of Saskatchewan. She uses art as a way to connect to her roots and learn more about herself as a Cree woman. Painting is a form of Jewel’s own storytelling–she loves how the viewer has a chance to learn, interpret, and enjoy the piece of art. She also loves art, because it allows her to express herself and be creative.

She has taught art workshops to children and youth to show them the importance of expressing themselves through art. She loves seeing the youth be filled with pride for their piece and gain a passion for art. In 2018, Jewel was awarded the Sasktel Indigenous Youth Awards in fine and performing arts, and in 2019, she published her first book, Kihci – Kimotan, A Special Secret, which follows two young children who go on imaginary adventures, from climbing mountains to being in space. The story, which is told through a series of poems, was translated into Cree with the help of family and friends.