Marilyn Poitras

Ethical Space Designer and Public Speaker, MPoitras Ethics, Law and Design

An innovative changemaker of Michif descent hailing from Southern Saskatchewan, Marilyn Poitras is a lawyer, negotiator, professor, film producer, and most importantly a community builder. Recognized for her expertise, she is the recipient of the YWCA Women of Distinction Award, a Regina Métis Women’s award, Saskatchewan Centennial Medal and the National Aboriginal Land Managers Association Recognition Award. Combining her law degrees and the teachings from traditional Knowledge Keepers in communities all over the world, Marilyn is paving the pathway to an Indigenous language of design thinking for social change.

Marilyn’s work with community, leadership, students and Elders provides her with a strong foundation for working across the table on issues experienced in Indigenous communities and governments in Canada today. She has worked with federal, provincial and Indigenous levels of governance and has played a role in education for all parties in many areas. Marilyn Poitras previously served as the Director of the Indigenous Law Centre at the University of Saskatchewan. Marilyn’s education includes the Native Law Centre Summer Program, an LL.B. at the University of Saskatchewan and LL.M. at Harvard Law School and she continues to learn Indigenous law from Elders and the land. She has created a number of College and University programs for Indigenous people covering, financial, legal, policy, mental health and resource management.