Stephanie Harpe

Residential School Survivor, International Advocate for Murdered, Missing and Exploited Indigenous Peoples, and award-winning singer/songwriter

Stephanie Harpe is a proud member of the Fort Mckay First Nation, and identifies as Cree, Dene, and Métis. She is the former Community Outreach Coordinator for the Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women (IAAW). Some of her work at IAAW included hosting their Murdered, Missing and Exploited Indigenous People’s Support Group, as well as being their National Representative for

Stephanie’s life experiences have shaped her humanitarian work: she herself is a survivor of the Residential School System, and survived an attempted murder attack. She is a proud daughter of a murdered mother, Ruby Anne McDonald, and is the niece of Historical Chief Dorothy McDonald of Fort Mckay First Nations.

In 2019, Stephanie traveled to 31 Indigenous Communities in Western Canada as an International Advocate for Murdered, Missing and Exploited Indigenous People’s with the Safety and Wellness Super Clinic. She has been a keynote speaker for National Models United Nations International Conference, and has delivered a powerful TEDX Talk titled Indigenous Suffering and Survival to Success.

As an award-winning singer/songwriter, Stephanie was able to tie her passions together when she received the United Nations Youth Representative’s invitation to the world’s largest youth conferences in Malaysia, Dubai and London to both speak and sing.